Routine Pigging

Pipelines need to be regularly cleaned to remove debris build-up and keep them operating efficiently. Regular cleaning removes corrosive deposits that continuously build-up while the pipeline is in service. BGT offers routine professional pipeline pigging in a variety of conditions.
BGT' s routine pigging service starts with the design of a pigging program that is adapted to the particular pipeline. Key elements of the program include the specification of the types of pigs to use, the frequency of pigging, pig travel speed Etc. It also includes the control and execution of safe pigging operation, data gathering & analysis. A good program monitors pigging and pipeline performance and recommends improvements to the maintenance program. Routine pigging offers ideal opportunity for the monitoring and maintenance of pipeline valves. It becomes an important component of a good Pipeline Integrity Management (PIM) program. Routinely pigged pipelines remain in service for longer periods of time, meeting and often exceeding their expected service lifespan.

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